Games for Strategic & Financial Skills

Ready to sharpen your strategic thinking and financial know-how? Join us at our next Project Ascendance event where we’ll combine party games with practical learning to make you a confident financial whiz!

At this session, you’ll learn to:

  • Get Strategic: hone your decision-making abilities by practicing profitable choices on the fly.
  • Improve Financial Skills: From profit and pricing to costs and capital, get hands-on experience that will improve your financial literacy and healthy sales choices.

We’ll play simple, custom-designed card games to learn and practices topics like:

  • Knowing your gross margin inside and out
  • Building and managing your income statement/profit & loss
  • Learning to manage the silent killer of small business: working capital

Each attendee will be given a reference guide to practices the games at home!

SPACE IS LIMITED - secure your spot today!



Kia Davis
Kia Davis
Startup Ecosystem Specialist

Kia Davis is an educator, author, and researcher who specializes in empowering entrepreneurs, particularly women, to develop strategic and financial acumen through innovative games.

With a global reach, she collaborates with diverse stakeholders in the startup ecosystem, contributing to industry research and teaching at the University of Washington and accelerators overseas. Her book "Flashpoint 100: Radical Business Growth in 100 Days" offers actionable strategies for small business owners seeking rapid growth at minimal cost.