Learn to Present and Pitch Like a Pro!

You’re invited to this engaging session where you’ll learn how women entrepreneurs ace their pitches, presentations, and public speaking skills.

Whether you’re participating in an all hands meeting, pitching new business, or leading a team, these tools will not only improve your ability to communicate, but will boost your confidence as well.

Lead by one of the most effective communication coaches practicing today, Bill Smatt, after this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Build more effective relationships and partnerships
  • Identify your specific delivery challenges and improve them
  • Speak confidently, without filler words or monotone delivery
  • Keep your audience engaged when leading live or virtual meetings
  • Develop tactics to prepare for and manage nerves
  • Speak with concision, avoiding going on tangents

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to strengthen your presenting and communication skills!



Bill Smartt
Bill Smartt

Bill Smartt is known in New York as one of the most effective communication coaches practicing today. Bill has worked with companies such as Adweek, American Express, AMC Networks, Boston Consulting Group, Capital One, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Droga5, Harvard Business School, Hearst Media, Mailchimp, MetLife, McKinsey, Momofuku, Morgan Stanley, R/GA, Shutterstock, Spotify, SVA, and the United Nations. He regularly provides customized coaching & training to companies & business leaders in the fields of finance, advertising, consulting and technology.

Having spent 10 years in financial services & software development & drawing from over 20 years of experience as a teacher, performer & facilitator, Bill offers practical techniques & strategies that help clients make authentic connections, whether it’s with their direct reports, their organization, or on a stage to a wider audience. No one who spends time with Bill ever approaches communication in quite the same way. They gain newfound awareness, confidence & presence that moves them to excel as leaders, propelling their careers (& their organizations) to new heights.